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Izzo is the only comprehensive at home
oral care kit created by dental professionals
for your smile. Your teeth will get a
deeper clean, a whiter smile and a
just from the dentist feel.

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Meet the 4-in-1 Team

izzo Polishing head and enamel polishing paste

Polishing Cup + Polishing Paste

Remove surface stains 73% better than advanced whitening toothpastes to reveal your teeth’s inner shine.

izzo Oscillating brush head

Oscillating Brush Head

3 Customized speeds and a built-in timer give you the perfect clean every time.

izzo Scaler


Confidently remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

izzo Scaler
izzo UVC Sanitizing Case

UVC Sanitizing Case

Say goodbye to 99.9% of germs on your brush in just 3 minutes.

izzo UVC Sanitizing Case
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izzo Oral Care Kit

izzo Oral Care Kit


Brush Head 2-Pack

Brush Head 2-Pack


izzo Refill Pack

izzo Refill Pack


Floss Picks

Floss Picks


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The izzo Difference:
The Science Proves It

Compared to the leading 26 advanced cleaning & whitening
toothpastes, izzo’s polishing system:

izzo Polisher removes stains 73% better than leading whitening pastes

Whitens your teeth by safely removing stains 73% better than advanced whitening pastes1

izzo polishing paste is 45% less abrasive than leading whitening pastes

Is gentle and safe, having 45% less abrasion than leading whitening pastes1

izzo Polisher has 93% better cleaning efficiency than leading whitening pastes

Has excellent cleaning efficiency—93% better cleaning efficiency than those 26 brands2

1Based on average stain removal and abrasion of 26 advanced cleaning/whitening toothpastes from leading brands

2As measured by the Cleaning Efficiency Index (ratio of stain removal to dental abrasion) of 26 advanced cleaning/whitening toothpastes

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Can izzo help me find a dentist?

Glad you asked, because even with a professionally inspired daily routine, you should still be paying regular visits to a dental professional for cleanings— and maybe even compliments on your sparkling smile! Click here to locate a dentist near you.

How much do I save by enrolling in the Subscription Service versus buying the refills á la carte?

Our Subscribe & Save offers you a price of $18.95 and free shipping sitewide, which means 20% savings compared to purchasing a refill standalone.

How do I use my Enamel Polishing Paste and Polishing Cup Head?

Download our user manual here to learn all about Polishing with izzo or check out our How-To Video.

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5-star customer reviews

Love at first clean.
See what people are saying about izzo’s Oral Care Kit!

5-star customer review

Jake G., CT

“My teeth feel significantly cleaner and fresher. I’ve never seen an at-home teeth cleaning kit like it.”

5-star customer review

David K., NY

“I love the cleaning power that izzo delivers. The feel and speed of the brush makes me think it is cleaning my teeth better than anything I’ve used in the past.”

5-star customer review

Vasily D., PA

“The izzo brush is a bit smaller and gets easier in tighter areas than my old toothbrush did. The brush head feels soft yet powerful.”