Finding a Dentist near you

Life isn't always consistent, day to day and week after week. You might have decided to move in recent months - selecting a new city based on real estate fluctuations or to access a better commute. Or, maybe you've started a new job in an entirely different location that reroutes your commute completely. In these and other common scenarios, you might be on the search for a new team of medical professionals, including doctors and a dentist.

Unsure about how to start your search? Begin exploring dentists near you with the following helpful tips.

Use the izzo® Find a Dentist Tool

We understand the importance of quality routine dental care. That's why we crafted the izzo 4-in-1 Oral Care System for comprehensive at-home cleaning and maintenance. However, no at-home routine can replace seeing a dentist for a professional cleaning and assessment every six months.

Our Find a Dentist tool helps you look up practitioners close to home or where you work. To get started:

  • Enter a city or town name or zip code. This will bring up all dentists within a geographic region.
  • Each listing includes the dentist's name, address and telephone number, plus a rating and website, if available.
  • Using the resources provided, start to research each dentist based on whether they'll take your insurance, their operating hours and services offered.
  • We also indicate whether the dental office recommends the izzo system, so that you're on the same page when it comes to at-home preventative care.

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Additional Considerations

Within the geographic region of your home or workplace, refine your list based on the following factors:

  • If they take your insurance, or if and how they accommodate low- to no-insurance patients.
  • The dental office's operating hours in relation to your work schedule.
  • If they're endorsed by the American Dental Association®.
  • If you require specific services, be it treating a particular dental condition, accommodating a disability or getting cosmetic dental work done.
  • Reviews from those you know, as well as what patients say online.
  • The dentist's educational and professional background.
  • How they handle higher-cost procedures, including estimates, notifications and payment plans.
  • If they provide afterhours and emergency dental care, and what you should expect during these kinds of visits.
  • Their policies for missed appointments.
  • Which type of anesthesia they're certified to administer for procedures that require it.

Realize that you may need to expand the scope of your research beyond izzo's Find a Dentist tool and the dentist's website. You can check out the ADA's resources for local and national dental societies for more information.
From here, prepare for your visit. For these appointments:

  • Be ready to discuss your at-home dental routine, and what this new dentist recommends.
  • Observe how they handle scheduling appointments and billing your insurance, if applicable.
  • Discuss your dental history, including past procedures and how this office intends to build your records.
  • Listen to how the staff and dentist answer your questions regarding anything from insurance and payment plans to at-home and follow-up care.