izzo: Best Dental System of 2022

For years, the experts at Men’s Health have been the gurus for guys everywhere, publishing must-know advice for everything from nutrition and fitness to lifestyle and relationships. That’s why their scrupulously chosen winners for the annual “Grooming Awards” are the gold standard for good-looking guys who are up on their health and wellness game. 

To help hone your handsome, the team at Men’s health tests thousands of products across grooming categories like hair, skin, and our very favorite…teeth! Because frankly, sorry guys, you need to brush up on your, well, brushing. Research shows that only 49% of men brush twice a day, the dentist-recommended amount. Poor oral hygiene doesn’t just make men more likely to have bad breath and stained teeth, but it's the reason they are 20% more susceptible to gum disease.  

So as we confidently accept our award for Best Dental System in 2022, we’d like to extend our win to you— as an opportunity to get your winningest smile with our revolutionary izzo, 4-in-1 Oral Care Kit. izzo was designed to make taking exceptional care of your teeth easier than ever, with four professionally inspired pieces that work together in a simple  but effective routine. Aka, your dream team for cleaner, whiter, more confident smiles. 

Let us walk you through the stats. 

  1. The bristles on our ultra-powerful brush head move more per minute than the leading oscillating toothbrushes for the ultimate clean.
  2. The unique Oscillating Polishing Cup Head and Enamel Polishing Paste safely remove 73% more stains than leading whitening toothpastes. 
  3. Engineered for safe at-home use, the flexible-tipped Scaler lets you banish sneaky hidden plaque and food debris that can lead to gum disease. 
  4. And the UVC-sanitizer kills 99.9% of the millions of germs that can hang out on your toothbrush (we hate to tell you, but all those years of rinsing your brush under the faucet haven’t been doing the job!). Not to mention, it’s the perfect travel case for bright smiles on the go.

The first complete way to care for your teeth, izzo will even take care of your trip to the drug store. With our Subscribe & Save model, we’ll deliver essential replacements - brush head, polishing cup head and enamel polishing paste straight to your door every two, three, or four months. Because while it's fine to wear the same lucky jersey over and over again, it's not healthy to use the same brush head for too long- remember, cleanliness is next to manliness! 

izzo is here to make sure you take care of your very best bros, your teeth. With you through every gritty and grinning moment, it’s time to give them a deeper, clean, and brighter appearance, not to mention support your greater overall health.  Man, are we excited for you to try izzo!

izzo. Smile on.  

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