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izzo was designed in collaboration with dental professionals to give you a deeper level of clean at home.

Did you know 100 years of dental expertise goes into your mouth every time you use izzo? That’s right! The people who make izzo, Premier Dental, have been innovating dental care for professionals for over a century, and now they've brought everything they know to your daily oral care routine.

The purpose of izzo


To enable greater confidencethrough healthier smiles.


Julie Charlestein, CEO of izzo & Premier Dental

Julie Charlestein

Founder and CEO

izzo’s CEO and Founder, Julie, is Premier Dental’s fourth-generation, youngest-ever, and first-ever female CEO. Julie leads not only by experience but by channeling the charisma of her favorite show’s leading lady: Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec. With as much passion for izzo as Knope has for Pawnee, Julie is leading izzo forward in the very same way—with countless smiles! Her unstoppable ambition has awarded her with business accolades and the opportunity to bring professionally inspired oral care to people’s everyday lives.

Lil Caperila, Preier Dental Products

Lil Caperila, RDH, BSDH, M.ED.

Manager and Lecturer of Continuing Professional Education, Premier Dental Products Co.

Lil Caperila always wanted a career that would make people smile. While stand-up comedian or Rockette haven’t panned out yet, her 41 years as a dental hygienist certainly have! A master of putting smiles in the spotlight, Lil attracts attention from the dental community with knowledge and spirit that Hollywood or Broadway never could. If you have questions about the clinical data or research behind izzo, please reach out to lcaperila@izzosmile.com.

Lil Caperila, Preier Dental Products
Dr. Jason Goodchild, VP of cliical affairs at Premier Dental

Dr. Jason Goodchild, DMD

Vice President, Clinical Affairs

Jason’s 25 years of dentistry have been filled with diverse experiences—from practicing to researching and teaching. And with office drawers as full of candy as his head is full of dental knowledge, he can relate more than anyone to the need for better everyday oral care. “Who says sweet teeth can’t be clean teeth?” If you have questions about the clinical data or research behind izzo, please reach out to jgoodchild@izzosmile.com.

Thinking Outside the Dentist's Office

“You need to think bigger.” That is what my friend said to me at a basketball game in Miami back in 2018. 

At the time, I was trying to figure out a way to take a professional product we had developed to the consumer. What did Premier have that could translate into an important and meaningful experience for the consumer?

We have been developing products for dentists for over a century. We know what good oral health is and how to create products for it. We should be able to transfer and/or reimagine our successful products for the benefit of the consumer. What would a system look like that could achieve this?

I started with the accessories. These are the products that we had already developed and manufactured that could be adapted for personal use with slight reformulations. Then, the brush. It had to be clinically superior and technologically leading, coupling the user’s traditional brushing experience with the professional one.

We wanted to bridge that gap, bringing clinically proven, innovative, and professionally inspired products to help consumers elevate their oral care at home—in between their visits to the dentist’s office. Daily. Dentistry. Delivered.

- Julie Charlstein, Founder and CEO

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