Frequently Asked Questions


How is the Power Handle charged?

The Power Handle conveniently charges while it sits on the base—just connect the USB cable from the Charging Base into the USB Wall Charger and plug it in. The battery charge indicator on your Power Handle will slowly pulse while charging. When it’s fully charged, charging will stop and the light will turn off automatically. Check out the user guide for more information.

How long does a full charge last?

izzo will last for approximately 2 weeks on a full charge, depending on use. We recommend keeping it plugged in and charging when not in use so it’s always charged and ready to go. You won’t harm the battery and it won’t overcharge.

How do I know if the Power Handle battery is low?

The battery indicator will blink when the battery is low.

How do I know when the Power Handle battery is fully charged?

The battery indicator will stop flashing and will not be illuminated once fully charged.

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