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Polishing FAQs

Why should I polish my teeth?

For cleaner, whiter smiles of course! Unlike harsh bleaches, gels, and whitening strips, our Polishing Paste leaves your teeth a more natural white by removing plaque and surface stains from your teeth, and it even leaves you with that smooth just-from-the-dentist feeling. If that doesn’t convince you…

Our Polishing Paste safely removes stains 73% better than leading whitening toothpastes—and with 45% less abrasion!1

izzo's Polishing System has 93% better cleaning efficiency than leading whitening toothpastes.2

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1Based on average stain removal and abrasion of 26 leading cleaning/whitening toothpastes
2As measured by the Cleaning Efficiency Index (ratio of stain removal to dental abrasion) of 26 leading cleaning/whitening toothpastes

How do I use my Enamel Polishing Paste and Polishing Cup Head?

We could tell you, but why not show you? Check out our How-To Video for a step-by-step lesson on how to polish. Or download and view our User Guide here.

Is polishing with izzo safe for my teeth?

Absolutely. We don’t use any harmful bleaches, and in fact, polishing with izzo is actually less harsh on your teeth than manually brushing with most leading whitening toothpastes.

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How often should I polish my teeth?

We recommend once a week, but it is safe to polish daily. If your teeth are particularly sensitive or you have more questions, you should talk to your dental professional about polishing.

Should I refrain from certain foods or drinks after polishing to keep my teeth whiter longer?

There is no need to wait after polishing to resume eating or drinking. After polishing, just rinse your mouth to remove any residual paste.

How can I buy more Enamel Polishing Paste?

Our Enamel Polishing Paste is available as part of our refill pack that includes all of izzo’s refill essentials: a Brush Head, a Polishing Cup Head, and a tube of Paste. You can order refill packs one at a time or through Subscribe & Save for added convenience and savings. Click here to order a refill or subscribe.

What is Enamel Polishing Paste?

izzo’s Enamel Polishing Paste is uniquely formulated to deliver safe and effective removal of surface stains when used with the Polishing Cup Head as directed. No bristles please! Its special blend of professional-grade polishing compounds safely lifts stains and plaque while smoothing the surface of your teeth. izzo’s Enamel Polishing Paste is made of stuff from the tops of volcanoes (pumice) and from the sea level of sandy beaches (silica)—traveling great lengths to give you a cleaner and whiter smile.

Is this the same paste and cup head that my dental professional uses?

While inspired by them, there are two main differences: One is that our Paste comes from a tube for easy dosing and refilling. And two, our unique cup design oscillates rather than spins, a side-to-side movement that gives you more control and prevents tooth abrasion for an easier and safer polishing experience when used as directed.

How do I clean my Polishing Cup Head?

Simply run it under water to remove any leftover paste, shake to remove excess water, then place it in the UVC Sanitizing Case to keep it clean from bacteria. Click here to see the Sanitizing Case in action.

The izzo system is designed to help teeth look whiter. How does it do this? And how is it different from other whitening products?

Unlike some processes that whiten by bleaching, izzo whitens using teeny-tiny naturally occurring compounds that physically lift surface stains and plaque from teeth’s surface. izzo doesn’t artificially whiten your teeth; it removes the stuff that causes discoloration so your teeth appear more naturally whiter and brighter.

How much whiter will izzo make my teeth?

Depends. How big of a coffee, soda, or red wine fan are you? Because izzo whitens by removing surface stains, your results depend on the degree and amount of surface stains you have. Polishing doesn’t actually alter your natural teeth’s shade; it just reveals it and, along with that, a more naturally confident smile! Click here to see dazzling post-polishing glow-ups from users of izzo.

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