Polishing Cup consumer pdp

Polish away stains, plaque, and tartar for a naturally whiter and brighter smile when used as directed.

  • izzo’s polishing system removes surface stains 73% better than leading whitening toothpastes—and with 45% less abrasion1
  • Oscillating Cup Head attaches easily to the hybrid Power Handle
  • izzo’s Enamel Paste is gentle and safe on your teeth
  • Sanitizes with the UVC Sanitizing Case
  • A 93% better cleaning efficiency than leading whitening toothpastes2

1Based on average stain removal and abrasion of 26 leading cleaning/whitening toothpastes

2As measured by the Cleaning Efficiency Index (ratio of stain removal to dental abrasion) of 26 leading cleaning/whitening toothpastes