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Why is it important for patients to polish their teeth?

The izzo Polishing Cup Head and Enamel Polishing Paste are designed to work together to provide better stain removal with less abrasion than using a standard brush and toothpaste. Unlike harsh bleaches, gels, and whitening strips, our Polishing Paste leaves teeth a more natural white by removing plaque and surface stains. To ensure utmost safety and efficacy, we’ve put our Paste through rigorous testing. In fact, our Paste safely removes stains 73% better than advanced whitening toothpastes—and with 45% less abrasion.1 izzo's polishing system also has a 93% better cleaning efficiency than advanced whitening toothpastes.2

Read more about the safety and efficacy of our polishing system on our Professional Resources page.

1Based on average stain removal and abrasion of 26 advanced cleaning/whitening toothpastes from leading brands
2As measured by the Cleaning Efficiency Index (ratio of stain removal to dental abrasion) of 26 advanced cleaning/whitening toothpastes

How do I use my Enamel Polishing Paste and Polishing Cup Head?

Download our user manual here for instructions on how to use the izzo Polishing System.

Is polishing with izzo safe for my teeth?

Yes. We specially developed the cup and polishing paste so that it is safe for at home use. In fact, it is less abrasive than manually brushing with most leading whitening toothpastes. The Relative Dental Abrasion (RDA) of the izzo Polishing Paste when used with the Polishing Cup Head was 72, well below the American Dental Association’s upper limit of 250.

How often should patients polish their teeth?

We recommend Polishing once a week. We suggest a patient with sensitive teeth talk to their dental professional about what’s right for them.

What is Enamel Polishing Paste?

izzo Polishing Paste contains: glycerin, water, calcium acetate, cellulose gum, mint-flavor potassium sorbate, pumice, sodium benzoate, sodium phosphate, stevia extract, silica, titanium dioxide, clay, and xanthan gum.

With our patent pending Oscillating Cup Head, izzo users can use the Enamel Polishing Paste at home to effectively remove surface stains from their teeth. The Polishing Paste should only be used with the Polishing Cup, never with Brush Head.

Is this the same paste and cup head that dental professionals use?

It is very similar, but we have specially formulated the paste to be dispensed from a tube and to be safe for at-home use. We also have a proprietary cup design that oscillates rather than spins. This allows it to contour to the teeth more easily and help prevent tooth abrasion.

How should the Polishing Cup Head be cleaned?

Clean the Polishing Head under running water to remove remnants of the paste. Then, shake off excess water and place it in the UVC Sanitizing Case to keep it clean from germs.

The izzo system is designed to help teeth look whiter, how does it do this? And how is it different from other whitening products?

izzo is a comprehensive Oral Care System intended to help individuals achieve a brighter, whiter smile so they can look and feel better. izzo uses the mechanical action of polishing with a highly effective yet safe Enamel Polishing Paste to help remove surface stains to promote whiter teeth.

Although the terms “tooth bleaching” and “tooth whitening” are often used interchangeably, they are technically not synonymous. Bleaching is a process involving an oxidative chemical (e.g., hydrogen peroxide). In contrast, tooth whitening is the process that results in the teeth becoming whiter in perceived color, regardless of the means used. Therefore, tooth whitening can include bleaching with peroxides and mechanical approaches to remove surface stains – such as when brushing and polishing with the izzo system. izzo whitens using tiny, naturally occurring compounds that physically lift surface stains and plaque from teeth’s surface. izzo doesn’t artificially whiten your teeth; it removes the stuff that causes discoloration, so your teeth appear naturally whiter and brighter.

How much whiter will izzo make my teeth?

izzo helps to whiten teeth by removing surface stains. The degree and amount of surface staining is unique to each individual. If a significant amount of surface stain is present, users may notice improvement within several polishings

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