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As the Men's Health winner for Best Dental System of 2022, izzo helps remove stains 73% better than leading whitening toothpastes giving you a whiter, brighter smile

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"izzo comes from Premier Dental–a quality manufacturer with well over 100 years in the dental industry. A family-owned company that really hangs its hat on quality. It's a company I believe in and I know has its best foot forward!"

Troy Schmedding, DDS, AAACD


"I love the ability to polish my teeth at home. I polish before bed and I love the way my teeth feel when I wake up, very clean and smooth."

Lancette Van Guilder, BS, RDH, PHE


“izzo gives you all the components you need to take really excellent care of your mouth."

Lori Trost, DMD


"My smile says it all! Knowing I have a healthy smile and that I want to show my smile off really brings my confidence to life."

Betty Kabel, RDH, BS

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