Frequently Asked Questions


Why should izzo users scale their teeth?

Scaling can help to clean food debris and plaque from between teeth, along the surface, and above the gingival margin. The Scaler should be used in addition to daily brushing and flossing.

How should individuals use the Scaler?

The Scaler should only be used to remove visible food debris and/or plaque from between the teeth and at/above the gingival margin. The flat side of the Scaler can be used on the facial and lingual surfaces of the teeth as well. Users should apply gentle pressure and be careful not to insert the pointed tip below the gumline or around loose dental restorations.

Download our user manual here or watch our How To Video for instructions on how to Scale with izzo.

Is scaling with the izzo Scaler safe for at-home use?

Designed specifically for at-home use, izzo’s scaler is made from Ultem®, a medical grade, high-performance polymer that's strong yet enables a flexible tip for safety. This gives high-strength like a metal, but is engineered to reduce the risk of harm to teeth and gingiva. Check out our User Guide for further direction on how to use the izzo Scaler.

How should the Scaler be cleaned and maintained?

Simply clean it with warm water and alcohol, or wash it in your dishwasher.

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