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Subscribe & Save FAQS

How does the Subscription Service work?

Subscribe & Save gives you 20% annual savings on recommended replacements sent right to your door every 2, 3, or 4 months. When you get your izzo (or anytime post-purchase), subscribing is the best way to keep it working at its best and to give you a sparkling smile. Learn more about Subscribe & Save here.

Is the Subscription Service optional?

Yes. Subscribe & Save is a separate purchase from the Kit. And we also offer the same essential refills sold individually at regular pricing.

How much do I save by enrolling in the Subscription Service versus buying the refills à la carte?

Our Subscribe & Save offers you a price of $18.95 + free shipping vs. $23.95 + shipping for standalone purchases. With Subscribe & Save, you’ll get 20% savings compared to purchasing a refill standalone.

Can I order multiple subscription plans for one izzo Kit?

Yes. You can even order them for different addresses from the same account, under one billing address. In fact, gifting Subscribe & Save is a great way to show your friends that you want to see them Smile On!

Are there different subscription plan options?

Yes. While dentists recommend replacing your brush every 3 months, we know some people prefer to refresh sooner, which definitely doesn’t hurt! So we offer subscription refills every 2, 3, or 4 months. And you can always change your frequency if you change your mind.

How do I know when my next delivery is scheduled?

We’ll send you an email as soon as it leaves izzo’s doors. You can also check through your account page here.

How do I change or cancel my subscription plan?

Go to your account page here, or ask our Smile Support Team at smileon@izzosmile.com or 1877-IZZONOW to learn more .

Can I customize what comes in my subscription plan?

While you can change the quantity and frequency of your refills, we don’t separate the individual items from our refill packs. That’s because each item is recommended to be replaced around the same time to keep your izzo working at its best to give you the best clean.

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