Frequently Asked Questions

The Power Handle and Brush Head

What comes in my izzo Kit?

Everything you need to take your smile to a place it's never been:

  • 1 Power Handle
  • Oscillating Brush Head
  • Polishing Cup Head 
  • Enamel Polishing Paste 
  • UVC Sanitizing Case 
  • Scaler
  • Charging Base
  • USB Wall Charger with Cord
  • Eco-Floss Instructions for Use
  • Instructions for Use

Don’t worry, it takes up way less space on your counter than this page.

Why should I use izzo versus other electric toothbrushes?

Here are just a few reasons why izzo makes ordinary toothbrushes bristle:

  • Ultrafast bristles cover more tooth surface when brushing than the leading oscillating toothbrushes for the ultimate cleaning action.
  • izzo’s Enamel Polishing Paste removes surface stains 73% better than other leading whitening toothpastes, all without (harmful) bleaches. Bring on the coffee and red wine!
  • Each izzo Brush Head is specially engineered to be slimmer than other oscillating brushes. That means easier reach in those hard-to-get areas.
  • izzo's unique UVC Sanitizing Case kills 99.9% of bacteria, freeing both you and your brush from yucky bacteria.
  • izzo’s Subscribe & Save service doesn’t just deliver automatic refills to your door, it also means you’re covered under a lifetime warranty as long as you’re enrolled in an active Refill Plan.

Is there a sequence I should follow when using my new izzo system?

It depends on your personal preference and individual needs. We recommend: Floss, Scale, Brush, Polish, Sanitize to keep you smiling bright. The important thing is to use all components as directed. "Rinse and repeat as needed!"

Is izzo safe for children?

Yes. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

I have sensitive gums and teeth—is izzo right for me?

Yes. In fact, our team of dental experts had you in mind when creating izzo’s “gentle” power setting for sensitive teeth and gums. izzo’s Brush Head uses soft Nylon bristles because—psst!—no one needs to be using hard or even medium bristles. Just ask your dentist.

Can I use izzo if I have braces or dental restorations (fillings, fake teeth, crowns, retainers, etc.)?

Yes. izzo’s Oscillating Brush Head is excellent at reaching in between braces. And its soft bristles make it safe to use on and around dental restorations.

Can I buy any parts of the Kit on its own?

Because the izzo Kit was designed to work together, we try to keep it that way. However, you can buy the floss picks and a refill package (Brush Head, Polishing Cup Head, and Polishing Paste) individually if you wish.

We also offer 20% savings on refill packages sent right to your door every 3 months (or more often!) when you sign up for our flexible Subscribe & Save program. Contact our Smile Support Team at smileon@izzosmile.com or 1877-IZZONOW to learn more.

How does izzo complement my twice/year cleanings with my hygienist?

We’re glad you asked! With izzo, you’ll not only have better routine cleaning and checkups, but you’ll have a cleaner and healthier mouth the 363 days a year you aren’t at the dentist. And that will make your hygienist smile! And remember, just because you're using professionally inspired tools doesn’t mean you should be paying your dental professionals fewer visits. Remember to stick to your regular appointments as well as you stick to your daily izzo!

Is there an izzo user manual?

Yes! You can view it here and in your Kit.

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