Frequently Asked Questions

The UVC Sanitizing Case

How does the UVC Sanitizing Case work?

The UVC Case sanitizes the same way the sun does: ultraviolet rays. It kills 99.9% of common bacteria without the use of chemicals in just 3 minutes.

Is the UVC Sanitizing Case waterproof?

While the UVC Sanitizing Case is water resistant, please be sure to remove excess water from the Brush or Polishing Head before they go in the UVC Sanitizing Case. You can remove the rubber mat to rinse and towel dry, and the rest of the UVC Sanitizing Case should only be wiped down with a damp towel.

How often should I use the UVC Sanitizing Case?

Use it every time after you brush or polish. Even after the 3-minute cycle, it’s a great place to store your Brush Head, especially for travel.

Can I put my Brush Head, Polishing Cup Head, and Scaler in it?

The case is designed for the Brush Head and Polishing Cup Head because they are harder to clean and tend to attract bacteria when left out on your bathroom counter. The Scaler, on the other hand, can be effectively cleaned with soap and water alone.

Do other toothbrush brands fit in the UVC Sanitizing Case?

No. The UVC Sanitizing Case is specially designed to only fit the izzo Brush Head and Polishing Cup.

Do I need to charge my UVC Sanitizing Case?

Yes! When you see the flashing red light, you’ll know it’s time to recharge using the USB cord. The Sanitizing Case’s indicator light will turn green when it’s fully charged. The battery lasts about 2 weeks and takes only 2 hours to fully charge.

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