Professional & Technical Specs about izzo


Technical Product Specs

Read below for detailed specifications on the items that come in our 4-in-1 Oral Care System.

Professional & Technical Specs about izzo
Professional & Technical Specs about izzo
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With 100+ years of researching and perfecting the tools that dental professionals like you use every day, we are built on the foundation of one of the most trusted and recognized names in the industry: Premier Dental Products Company. Collaborating with oral care experts, we’re bringing professional-grade design and engineering to everyone’s home.
izzo Kit Box
izzo Kit components
Items Included In The Izzo System:
  • Power Handle - 1
  • Brush Head - 1
  • Polishing Cup Head - 1
  • Enamel Polishing Paste - 1
  • UVC Sanitizer - 1
  • Scaler - 1
  • USB Wall Charger - 1
  • Charging Base with USB A cord, 0.8m long - 1
  • Cable USB A to USB C cord, 0.8m long - 1
  • izzo kit dimensions: 11.06”L x 9.92”W x 1.91”H (281.0 mm x 252.0 mm x 48.6 mm)
  • izzo kit weight: 1,000 g / 35.3 oz / 2.2 lbs
izzo Kit components
izzo oscillating brush head

Oscillating Brush Head and Power Handle

Rechargeable Battery: 12 hours until fully charged battery
Smart Timer: 2-minute timer helps to ensure recommended brushing
Quad Pacer: Interval timer (brush pulses every 30 seconds)
Soft Start: Gently increases oscillation rate over the first 2 seconds after turned on
Battery Indicator: Battery symbol will light up to indicate that it’s time to charge the battery
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Type: Wireless, Inductive Charging
Power consumption: 1.0 – 1.8W
Nominal Speeds: Ultra – 9000 OPM; Clean – 8400 OPM; Gentle – 7600 OPM. OPM = Oscillations per minute(s)
Battery type: Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) battery
Operating time (full to empty): Fully charged should provide 14 days of use, i.e. 28 of 2-min brushings.
FCC and UL certified: Yes
Waterproof Rating: IPX

izzo oscillating brush head

Polishing Cup Head & Enamel Polishing Paste

Weight: 0.35 oz
RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) when used with izzo polishing cup: 72.2
PCR (Pellicle Cleaning Ratio) when used with izzo polishing cup: 154.8
CEI (Cleaning Efficiency Index) when used with izzo polishing cup: 2.45

izzo polishing cup head and enamel polishing paste

Brush Design and Finish

Color: Black
Material – power handle: ABS with rubberized coating.
Material – brush head:
Head base – PP, POM,
Bristles – DuPont™ Tynex® A nylon bristles, 6 mil, White WT10, 25 tufts 8mm height; and Blue BL650, 25 tufts 9mm height.
Material – Polishing cup head: Head base: POM, black: Polishing cup: TPE Versaflex OM 9150, Gray
Charging Base: ABS with rubberized coating. Inductive charger with USB A cord (0.8m long)
izzo brush head and power handle
izzo Kit components
izzo scaler


Color: Black
Material: Ultem®, a high-performance, medical grade polymer with high strength yet enables a flexible tip. Ultem® is a registered trademark of SHPP Global Technologies B.V.

izzo scaler

UVC Sterilizer Specifications

Material: ABS, Silicone, quartz
Socket/cord type: USB C, 0.8 m long
Dimensions: 47x47x21 mm
Battery: Li-ion Battery - 3.7V/ 200mAh/ 0.18W
Charging time: 2 hrs
Charge Duration: 2 weeks, if used twice a day

izzo UVC Sanitizing Case

USB wall charger

Model no: H–37
Voltage: Dual voltage 110–220 V
Color: Black
UL certificate::yes
USB sockets::2
izzo USB wall charger

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izzo Kit technical line drawing

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