Frequently Asked Questions

The Kit FAQs

What comes in the izzo Kit?

The izzo Kit comes with the following:

  • Power Handle
  • Oscillating Brush Head
  • Polishing Cup Head 
  • Enamel Polishing Paste 
  • UVC Sanitizing Case 
  • Scaler
  • Charging Base
  • USB Wall Charger with Cord
  • Eco-Floss Instructions for Use
  • Instructions for Use
  • Is izzo safe for pediatric patients?

    Yes. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

    Is izzo appropriate for patients with existing complaints of sensitivity?

    The izzo Power Handle has three speeds: “Ultra,” “Daily,” and “Gentle”; the “Gentle” power setting is designed for patients with sensitive teeth and gums. izzo also uses soft nylon bristles to ensure comfortable brushing at any speed.

    Is there a sequence I should follow when using my new izzo system?

    It depends on your personal preference and individual needs. We recommend: Floss, Scale, Brush, Polish, Sanitize to keep you smiling bright. The important thing is to use all components as directed. "Rinse and repeat as needed!"

    Can patients use izzo if they are undergoing orthodontic treatment or if they have multiple fillings and/or crowns?

    izzo’s oscillating brush is effective at reaching around orthodontic brackets and bands, plus its soft bristles make it safe to use on and around all dental restorations.

    Can components of the Kit be purchased individually?

    The components of the izzo Kit are designed to work together as a system. However, you can buy eco-friendly floss picks standalone. If you’re interested in purchasing a refill packet (Oscillating Brush Head, Polishing Cup Head, and Polishing Paste), or subscribing to automatic refills, you can do so on izzosmile.com.

    Once vetted, dental professionals can purchase izzo at a discount, as long as they’re logged into a verified account.

    How has izzo been designed to complement hygiene recall recommended by the dental professional?

    izzo enables a person to maintain a better cleaning routine and uphold a healthier mouth the 363 days a year they’re not at the dentist.

    • izzo uses oscillating brush action to help improve patients’ daily oral hygiene regimen.
    • The izzo Scaler is a professional-style cleaning tool made with medical grade polymer — for safe at-home use, allowing for more regular cleaning of hard-to-reach plaque and debris.
    • izzo can also be used to safely polish teeth weekly to help remove surface stains.

    It is our hope that patients come to their dental office with a cleaner mouth, making their recall hygiene visits easier and more successful.

    Do you have a User Manual?

    Yes, you can view the complete User Manual here.

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